Bill Buch

World Wide Stereo this week announced the promotion of a pair of executives. Bill Hettinger is now vice president of Ecommerce, while Bill Buch is now vice president of purchasing.

First, you hear a woman’s voice, full-throated and sexy: “”Bob Cole from Bob and Ron’s World Wide Stereo on The Good Stuff.” Then comes that scratchy, no-nonsense baritone Pennsylvania radio listeners know so well, the voice that has been urging them to visit him in person for fun and a little mischief for more than 20 years. “All right, let’s talk Italian restaurants, and the difference between a 25-year-old, family-owned, Zagat-rated little gem and a national chain,” Bob Cole begins, delivering his radio monologue like he was sitting next to you at a bar. “One is genuine: homemade pasta, sauces perfected over

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