Bill McCurry

Suppose the ineffectual manufacturer’s suggested retail price were suddenly reinvented, with teeth, as a minimum set price? It could happen, and soon. All retailers would do well to monitor decisions coming out of the U.S. Supreme Court through early summer. A ruling is expected in Leegin Creative Leather Products v. PSKS Inc. a case argued before the court in late March, which could profoundly reshape the retail landscape, or reaffirm the status quo. Potentially at stake is a retail concept which anyone who has grown up in the last century takes for granted: manufacturers cannot set the minimum price at which their goods must

“There’s a concept called ‘cooperatition.’ It’s basically partnering with someone you would ususally view as a competitor and finding a win-win. Successful retailers know how to do this.” -Bill McCurry, a digital imaging retail consultant based in Princeton, NJ. McCurry’s example of “cooperatition” was a local camera shop teaching digital photography workshops in a Babies “R” Us store, attracting attention to both businesses.

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