Bill Rowland

Circuit City Climbs Out, Wal-Mart and Sam's Jump In By Jamie Latshaw and Tatyana Sinioukov Who is going to get Circuit City's slice of the major appliance pie? The slice Circuit City decided to leave on the retail table, preferring instead to sell only CE? Will it be the independents? The regional chains? Or will it be the national retail giants such as Sears, Best Buy, Home Depot, Lowe's or Sam's? Or will it be the Johnny Come Lately (packing heat!) Wal-Mart? And how are they going to get it? The issue has galvanized the major appliance industry amid a time

By Laura Spinale A customer walks into your store to buy a new range. What does he really want from that appliance? Before you say, "hot food," talk to Charles Palko, vice president of electronics and appliances for Roberds. "A major appliance is something you're going to use everyday for the next 10 or 20 years," Palko said recently. "Customers want the quality-of-life features that make their lives easier." In the case of ranges, those features include smooth tops, allowing the appliance to double as counter space. In an industry where Sears reins supreme--the chain powerhouse on its own garnered more than half of the $9.84 billion in sales

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