Bill Stewart

Editor in chief of Dealerscope

Petra Industries this week mailed 75,000 copies of its new fall catalog. The catalog contains more than 2,400 new products and over 1,900 new price drops.

The company has "beefed up" several categories, including wireless and accessories, and new product brands include Foscam, Jays, Rally, Phiaton, Musubo, Audiofly, Hitachi, Zagg, Jill-E, Fanny Wang.

You can add Bill Stewart's name right up there on the roster of marketing mavens who founded their companies in their garages. In Stewart's case, the first product for sale in 1985 was a blank videocassette. "We started out with really no money and just a leap of faith," said the president and CEO of Petra Industries. "It took off, and we have taken it to where it is today."

Petra Industries announced this week that its Fall 2009 catalog has begun shipping to 100,000 retailers, integrators and other subscribers

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