Bill Trawick

NATM’s Bill Trawick described business this year, as “very bad.” But the climate, he said, could begin to improve during the second half of next year.
“I didn’t expect it to be as tough as it is right now,” NATM’s president and executive director said at the buying group’s annual retailer/vendor conference in Dallas.

How does hhgregg do it? In an age of zero margins, ever-increasing big-box presence, consumers with less expendable income and more things to spend it on, this regional powerhouse of a consumer electronics retailer has been expanding… aggressively. That means Chairman and CEO Jerry Throgmartin has at least two things going for him: the knowledge of what it takes to succeed in a highly competitive CE landscape, and the guts to execute on it. And, to be sure, he ought to be this good. He literally grew up around the business, working in the store his grandparents built while in middle school. That

If the dawning of the New Year is a time for reminiscence, 2007 will probably be a year many dealers, distributors and buying group leaders would rather forget. While leaders in the CE industry named the margin free fall and the shift to flat-panel TVs as the most significant market factors of the year, every person who was interviewed said they’ll remember 2007 for its tumultuous economy. Housing sales and prices declined while inventories increased. The subprime mortgage fiasco, the credit crunch and the rise in gas prices dogged consumer confidence. More pricing mayhem was expected on Black Friday, heralded by Wal-Mart’s early

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