In a move that would pass one of the toughest laws of its kind in the nation’s largest city, New York’s City Council Wednesday approved a bill to require recycling of electronics, the New York Times reported. However, the city’s mayor, Michael Bloomberg, opposes the bill, as do manufacturers, although the lopsided, 47-3 majority by which it passed could result in either an override of a mayoral veto, or a compromise between the sides. Under the terms of the proposed law, manufacturers would be required to take back electronics sold either by themselves, or by companies that have since gone out of

Why Pay for Radio? By David DritsasThere's been a lot of talk about digital satellite radio. From gala events at trade shows to production studio openings to satellite-ready hardware introductions, Sirius Satellite Radio, XM Satellite Radio and their manufacturing partners are working hard to generate interest in the radio services that are poised to launch nationally this summer. The remaining challenge is in convincing the consumer that the programming is worth the price. "The dearth of consumer choice that's available on the conventional radio dial" is what Joe Capobianco, senior vice president of content for Sirius, said is the compelling reason for buying satellite

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