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It’s a familiar enough scenario. Two industry giants who have been at each other’s throats for the last few years decide to shake hands and play nice. The goal: to join and form one large corporation. The challenge: Convincing everyone else you’re not out to destroy them, while simultaneously asking the FCC to forgive the concessions you made, namely to never merge in the first place. If XM and Sirius, the nation’s only two satellite radio companies, have their way they would operate as one entity, combining only financial assets and programming. On either side of this debate are folks who stand to lose

Hall of Fame Jeffrey Stone President and CEO, Tweeter Home Entertainment Group By Joe Paone It's hard to get Jeff Stone to brag about his accomplishments, because he won't. He even balked initially at accepting our Hall of Fame honor. Stone does not reek of false modesty, mind you. He's quite proud of his accomplishments; he just doesn't feel quite right shouting about them. Jeff Stone is a family man, and in his own words, a dedicated "operations guy". The words he imparts are not the flamboyant, hyperbolic ones of a grand visionary; rather, they are the pragmatic ones of a hard-working craftsman who

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