Bob Graham

Joining a buying group to improve a dealer’s competitive edge against big-box retailers is nothing new. But it is a relatively new strategy that’s gaining popularity for mobile electronics (ME) retailers. The model for buying groups serving CE retailers never quite worked for ME dealers. After all, there are vehicle-specific specialty lines, distributors that stock a variety of products and manufacturer reps pounding the pavement and pitching just about every product line under the sun to every dealer with a storefront. One of the biggest problems, according to industry players, is that it was difficult for buying groups to provide the

For those of you who have been a part of the mobile electronics industry for the past decade, I think we can agree these times are far from our most profitable. With many companies participating in “the race to zero” in once profitable categories such as mobile video and navigation, business owners are left looking for new categories to make a buck. But I further believe 2008 is going to be strong for those who recognize a good opportunity when it approaches them. The days of manufacturer-given profits are long gone and it is up to individuals to figure out ways to build

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