Bob Perry

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China-based audio company Plastoform Holdings announced this week that industry veteran Bob Perry has joined the company as deputy CEO. He will report to Michael Tse, the company's executive chairman and CEO. 

In a surprising new opportunity for the car electronics aftermarket, BlackBerry maker Research in Motion addressed the KnowledgeFest show stating it plans to make its PlayBook tablet and BlackBerry phones an integral part of car AV, navigation and information systems.

It will open up access to the upcoming 7-inch PlayBook tablet to suppliers, and it expects to see its tablet used on the dashboard and in car headrests.

GRAPEVINE, TEX.- When Research in Motion's BlackBerry Playbook 7-inch tablet computer is released early next year, the company plans to pitch it, in part, towards the mobile electronics market, the company's accessories chief, Bob Perry, said in a keynote address at MERA's KnowledgeFest Tuesday.

What makes a TV stand out from a sea of others hanging from a retailer’s wall or sitting on a showroom floor? What makes dealing with one manufacturer different from another?

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