Bob Scaglione

Editor in chief of Dealerscope

Converting the consumer who researches CE products online into an actual buy is the brass ring on the e-commerce merry-go-round. Complicating the matter is that there is no real linear path to purchase. Consumers may start with Google, a vendor site, or a local retailer site. Where the search goes, or its outcome, is unpredictable.
Enter OwnerIQ.

The company’s mission is to help retailers and vendors work in sync to steer consumers toward—and through—the checkout point at the end of their Internet searches by optimizing the symbiosis between vendors and the retailers. At some point in the buying cycle, 60 percent of consumers go to manufacturer sites to research product, and 57 percent to retailer sites, said Bob Scaglione, OwnerIQ’s senior vice president, strategic channel development. The problem is, the consumer doesn’t move from one to the other in any order.

Maureen Jenson talks to Bob Scaglione of Sharp about the company's new TVs, including a pair of 70-inch TVs as well as its 3D products.

Sharp Electronics announced last week that Bob Scaglione has been promoted to the position of chief marketing officer. Scaglione was previously senior vice president and group manager for Sharp Electronics Marketing Co.

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