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David Thomas, CEO at Evident, is an accomplished cybersecurity entrepreneur. He has a history of introducing innovative technologies, establishing them in the market, and driving growth – with each early-stage company emerging as the market leader.

HD Radio is gaining traction among automotive aftermarket receiver makers and among automakers themselves. But it was clear from walking the floor at this year’s CES that traditional radio increasingly is just one among several options in the dashboard and that automakers’ plans for future cars are accelerating the number of in-dash choices available. HD Radio proponents say the fight for the dashboard is real, and stations need to go digital to remain relevant. “The dashboard wind is blowing away from radio — and in favor of smartphone functionality, streaming options and other attractions that can diminish radio’s share

Now, as we sit with the highest unemployment rates in recent history, is the time you should be considering your current workforce and the opportunity to upgrade. One of the best things and worst things I did personally during my time at Pioneer was hiring and firing.  I believe I am like most managers today running small businesses.  Hiring and firing are simply not skills we have nor do we spend a lot of time working to acquire.

HD Radio licenser and developer iBiquity Digital has launched a website,, that caters to the needs of retail, automotive, broadcasting and equipment sectors who need industry-specific HD Radio information and materials. A consumer-oriented site,, has also been created. iBiquity Digital Corporation’s President and CEO, Bob Struble claims the new site “is designed to allow companies in each sector to quickly locate relevant information about HD Radio technology — such as licensing details and technical support.”

Digital Radio goes live this year. Will you be ready? By David Dritsas It has been four years in the making: Once-competitive technology companies Lucent Digital Radio and USA Digital Radio combined to become iBiquity Digital Corporation, which strove for nearly two years to bring terrestrial digital radio to fruition. In October 2002, the FCC granted this wish; this year, radio stations are upgrading their equipment in response, and vendors are introducing compatible receivers. As stations go live, questions loom as to just how this new technology is going to change the market, and what benefits are real enough for retailers to demonstrate to

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