Bob White

Editor in chief of Dealerscope

What drew Bjorn Dybdahl into the retail business he currently inhabits with a single, legendary store in Texas, he says, was a love of music. Later, he found he had a knack for how to sell. What has kept him in it since the late ’60s are the ways he has managed to stay in love with what he does by staying good at selling. Dybdahl, who grew up in Minnesota, came to San Antonio after signing on for a stint in the Air Force, where he worked in a department that did experiments for NASA. He says, “A year before I got out, I got

No news is good news, right? Wrong. Very wrong. Over the last year, our entire management structure at Bjorn's Audio-Video reorganized—and not by choice. The shake-up began in early 2004, with an exodus of relatively new employees in our custom division to a competing business founded by a former salesman of ours. Losing more than half of our custom installers in a matter of weeks taught us we were dangerously out of touch with that part of our business. Then, as we rebuilt our custom division, other internal issues—not the least of which was the unexpected death of my partner Bob White last December—drove

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