A pair of industry veterans on the satellite radio evolution at retail and how it compares to satellite TV Edited by Janet Pinkerton Dealerscope recently had the opportunity to sit in on a conversation between two business partners, Recoton Chairman Robert L. Borchardt (also board chairman of the Electronics Industries Association) and Sirius Satellite Radio CEO Joseph P. Clayton. As they talked in early February, Sirius Satellite Radio's four-market launch was a week away. Bob Borchardt: Obviously this is a new product that is coming to the marketplace with a lot of excitement to the retailer. They see it as an

How to risk it all, several times, and win-win By Janet Pinkerton For Best Buy founder Richard M. Schulze, risk is life—carefully gauged and addressed head-on, always with an eye towards diversifying future options. In the mid 1960s, the head of North America's largest electronics retailer was a sales representative working for his father in the era of 30-day manufacturer contracts, a rep who wanted into retailing. "It was really driven by my own desire to take control of my own destiny," Schulze said. "Early in the game, I discovered that your individual future was not in your own hands when manufacturers had the

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