Brandon Burgess

Last week's Mobile DTV Showcase on Capitol Hill can be deemed a "victory" since at least a half-dozen members of Congress not only showed up and "offered remarks," but most of them actually hung around and paid attention to the technologies that electronics makers and broadcasters were showing off. They saw  hand-crafted prototypes of DTV-equipped mobile phone handsets that LG Electronics created for the event and other devices that picked up live TV transmissions from the Washington-area broadcast stations taking part in the high-profile demonstration on Capitol Hill.

Tuesday's "DTV Triple Play" extravaganza at the Rayburn House Office Building is far more than a demonstration of the capabilities of mobile digital TV to Congressional and other government leaders.  The Tuesday event is an in-your-face assertion that broadcasters and electronics equipment makers are ready to go with mobile video - heading off the fast-growing mobile ventures of wireless Web providers, who will compete for attention in the evolving digital marketplace.

Wide-spread adoption of mobile TV took a big step forward Monday, when the Advanced Television Systems Committee announced the upgrade of a proposed specification for Mobile Digital Television to Candidate Standard status.

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