Brett Solomon

All of the talk of stopping the race to zero, commoditization, OEM Integration, leased vehicles with warranty considerations, and vehicle safety left Paul Pirro wondering: Can a high-end modular installation be performed on a modern luxury vehicle delivering killer sound quality and still be profitable? Moreover, Pirro, a volunteer firefighter wanted to be able to toss his firefighting gear in the trunk on his way home. He decided to take on the monumental challenge as a way to showcase the products and installation available at Tint World centers worldwide. 

“Hi I just got this Mustang but it didn’t come with a remote. Can you help me?” Or, “Yo, I can’t believe I dropped the remote to my Equinox in the gas station toilet. The remote is done. And even if it wasn’t done, I wasn’t reaching in there to get it back. Can you help?”

Typical questions the typical 12-volt retailer gets at least once a week.

I thought we were more like electricians, not plumbers. Well, SYNCs have been clogging up all of the clout in the 12-volt world. Now its time for the aftermarket to come along and bring additional features and a better experience than the stock Ford unit. Kenwood and ADS through the iDataLink Maestro product line have created a breakthrough so now navigation can be offered on those SE model Ford Focuses (Foci?) or secretary-enabled V6 Mustangs.

It isn’t easy being a top-tier manufacturer of cutting-edge head units these days. It is even more difficult being automaker. They have to develop cutting-edge technology for vehicles that will hit streets years from today.

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