Carl Gish

Specialized Selling Strategies By Laura Spinale Any marketing guru will tell you this: You can't sell to everyone. The Four Seasons Restaurant in New York does not serve its $45 filet of bison with truffle sauce alongside 99-cent six-pack chicken strips. Jaguar has never manufactured mid-price minivans. Successful companies find a profitable socio-economic niche and sell to it. Customers who operate outside that niche take their business elsewhere. If you don't like or can't afford The Four Seasons' buffalo, you can get some chicken strips at KFC. CE retailers have begun to accept and implement this philosophy. With the

By Tatyana Sinioukov This year, as every year, with holidays, comes shopping. As e-tailers anticipate more substantial sales than last year, they recognize the need to stock up and improve fullfillment, delivery and customer service. Stocking Up This season, waiting for the customers to fill up the virtual stores isn't like waiting for Godot. They will come, and, if we believe the studies, in numbers substantially higher than the previous year (see chart below). "We are expecting to have a very good holiday in terms of sales," said David Kaplan, vice president of purchasing,, an a/v specialty retailer. "We are working hard to

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