GE announced Tuesday that James P. Campbell will retire as president and CEO of GE Appliances, effective Dec. 31. The retirement will end Campbell's 30-year tenure with the company.

Want to turn a customer off? Tell them they're wrong.... Recently my husband and I went to a local Sears outlet to buy a scratch-and-dent dryer. But right in front of the outlet was a souped-up stacker. So what if it cost more than $1,000? It would save space, save water, save money. A friend had one and loved it. I drag my husband over for a half-serious look. Enter Charles the sales guy. "Can I help you with something today?" "We came here looking for a dryer, but we're looking at this high-end stacker." "Well, first let me talk you out of it."

By Tatyana Sinioukov How would you like to have had your dad for a boss and two of your brothers working with you, side by side, day after day? The three brothers—Bud, Gerry and Richard—who happen to be part-owners of Pennsylvania-based appliance retailer, Gerhard's, say they love it. Bud is the company president, Gerry is vice president and Richard is a treasurer. When asked how old they were when they first got into the business, they seemed puzzled. "As long as you are old enough to push the broom, you're in business," Richard answered for Bud and Gerry. "I must have

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