Colleen Lerro

Not too long ago I was reading Colleen Lerro’s article in Dealerscope, “Using Green to Go From Red to Black,” a well-written and thoughtful presentation of some polling data done by CEA.

Accessories are powerful tools for retailers, generating higher margins than the sale of most core products. They provide the perfect opportunity for a retailer to upsell, cross sell and bundle. That’s because consumers are constantly looking for the coolest and sexiest product to show off on the block, in the schoolyard, in the dorm, at the gym or in the office. They constantly want to improve their current products and personalize them. More often than not, accessories offer the solution.

Nestled between graduation and back to school is the summer travel and vacation season for millions of Americans. More customers will be coming to your store for CE solutions to use on a trip, a week at the beach or a long weekend at home. As a retailer, it is the perfect time to promote accessories that will enhance your margins, as well as your customers’ vacations. Adding $8.3 billion to the industry’s bottom line in 2007, accessories are a key component within consumer electronics. It’s easy to see why: these “attachment” sales provide consumers a richer experience from their CE devices and

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