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Eight Decades of Advertising and Merchandising Consumer Electronics By Joe Paone and Collin Keefe You could say consumer electronics and appliance advertising and merchandising has been all about windows these last 80 years. Store windows stand as the ultimate synthesis of advertising and merchandising, attracting customers into the store and delivering marketing messages (advertising) while promoting and displaying products on the retail premises (merchandising). The windows of the 1940s were those of the family-owned independent dealers, stalwarts of Main Street, anchors in the commercial districts of downtown U.S.A. The windows of the late 1950s began to look more global, as Japanese manufacturers entered the

Today's new breed of high-tech appliances connects the home By Collin Keefe With the help and guidance of the Electrolux Group's Rex brand, right now in Italy, 50 families are blazing a trail that one day will serve as the digital residential gateway. Electrolux—which has been pushing the high-tech envelope with such innovations as the Trilobite, a robotic, self-propelled vacuum, and the Washy Talky, an interactive clothes washer capable of literally talking users through its settings—first began gaining traction in this area with its Cyber Fridge, a commercial refrigerator with the ability to scan and read RF tags. The digital residential gateway

Dealerscope is proud to present its 2002 Retail Excellence Awards to Crutchfield, Good Guys, J&R Electronics and Ultimate Electronics. Candidates were selected through nominations and endorsements from manufacturers and Editorial Advisory Board members. Award recipients were chosen for their exemplary performance in several categories, including customer service, employee satisfaction, growth and merchandising. Crutchfield Always room for improvement By Collin Keefe For nearly three decades, Crutchfield has been setting the standard by which customer-service excellence is measured. The catalog retailer-cum-online audio/video and mobile electronics resource center has laid the groundwork for the custom-install business, and for e-commerce. Time and again, year after

You Ought to be in Pictures By Collin Keefe To say the least, the business of digital cameras can be tricky. Even though these wonderful little widgets have seen an amazing market penetration and equally amazing adoption rate in recent years, margins on their sales are often slim. Some will even argue that once a customer purchases one, that's it, there's nothing else that they need from you, save for an occasional set of replacement batteries or a memory card upgrade. On the other hand, traditional film camera dealers often enjoy repeat business from customers by selling film, and even more lucratively, by providing

How Tyler and GERS offer different information management tools for the supply chain By Collin Keefe and David Dritsas Maintaining and keeping track of inventory, as well as monitoring turns and gross margin returns on investment are extremely crucial in terms of maintaining control. But how each inventory management company proposes to maintain that control can vary. Tyler's Outsource Option Rick Albert, national accounts manager at Tyler Retail Systems, believes smaller, independent retailers are better positioned to sell product after they have relinquished the technical and financial burdens of maintaining an IT department. Albert contends smaller, independent retailers run the risk of

Retail Alternatives for Fixing Broken Products By Collin Keefe The multi-faceted retail repair chain is in the process of fixing itself. Today most service and repair companies are a conglomeration of independent servicers, loosely forming a network for parent servicers, like manufacturers and warranty or extended service contract administrators. Depending on the type of coverage, customers either take products back to the point of purchase or contact the unit's warranty administrator. Big box retailers oftentimes have their own service plans and facilities, but for smaller independent retailers a broken product gets handled by the manufacturer or an extended service plan administrator. But no matter

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