By Gary Arlen President Arlen Communications Inc. At the Consumer Electronics Association's (CEA) Fall Industry Forum, I tried a stunt to start a session, called "The Rebound of the Wireless Industry," that I moderated. Before the first panelist could utter a word, I looked into the audience and asked, "Any questions?" Not surprisingly, the startled audience didn't know what to say, so I called on "the man in the blue sweater along the aisle." I knew he was John Shalam, chairman and CEO of Audiovox. This time I enhanced my question: "What would you like this panel to say about how to revive the mobile phone

CableLabs' online method of bringing multiple broadband offers to retail By JP Singh Director of E-Commerce Cable Television Laboratories Inc. The logistics of any service-associated product sale need to be clear in terms of the communication between the retailer and the service provider. This is especially true with broadband Internet service and the main subject of this discussion: the cable modem. Go2Broadband (G2B) was created to facilitate real-time communications between the retailer and the cable operator to offer a customer a one-stop-shop experience. G2B is a CableLabs project, created to bring a cable operator's service offers to alternate channels of sales like retail. Go2Broadband

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