DEG: The Digital Entertainment Group has added Eric Anderson, VP of content strategies for Samsung Electronics, to its board of directors, serving from Aug. 1 to July 31, 2012. The DEG board also recently added a sixth seat to its steering committee, electing as VP Leslie Cohen, SVP of new products and services for Sony Music Entertainment. She joins president Ron Sanders, VPs David Bishop and Craig Kornblau, secretary Mike Dunn and CFO Eisuke Tsuyuzaki.

The second annual Savant Dealer Conference was held May 2 through 4 in Chatham, Mass. Approximately 70 dealers—60 percent of which were already authorized Savant dealers-- accepted the invitation to come and as company President Jim Carroll expressed, enjoy the beauty, tranquility and technology of Cape Cod, where Savant is based. Carroll explained that this year’s conference was, “geared towards demonstrating the business value of the company’s approach to control, automation, and switching systems. The company’s software tool, Racepoint Blueprint, provides a multi-functional tool set that touches every aspect of the custom integrator’s business. Racepoint Blueprint supports the wide and ever expanding hardware systems

The evolution of in-vehicle technology By Brett Solomon It may seem almost inconceivable that the mobile electronics industry is about the same age as Dealerscope, but everything in early automobiles, including the ignition systems, was controlled mechanically (ignition systems were controlled via mechanical "points and condensers"). Everyone takes for granted that you can hop into your car, click the key and it will start instantly. But mobile electronics are responsible for the evolution of the car as a reliable, safe and relatively economical mode of transportation. It is electronic technology that has harvested the caveats of the modern vehicle. And the electronic technology revolution

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