Dan Brettler

Regional retailer CarToys announced this week that it now has AT&T's CruiseCast service available at all 52 of its retail locations

Shining Stars in the Retail Arena by Collin Keefa and Natalie Hope McDonald Shelves don't fill themselves: It's an old adage, but a store's character is often determined by what it sells. This makes a buyer's job especially painstaking. Coupled with the pressure to get good deals, buying becomes as much an art as a vocation. According to Michael Blumberg, Tweeter's senior vice president of purchasing, "It's not enough to just be a buyer. Most buyers never communicate about how [a product] should be merchandised, or how it fits into the store." Blumberg defined the better buyer as one who can cover

A step-by-step formula for staying ahead of your competition and top-of-mind with your customers. By Dan Brettler When I started CAR TOYS in 1987, we didn't have a brand, just a business license. Instead, we had a business and a name to put on the building. When we opened our doors, we began the process of marketing CAR TOYS. Between 1987 and today, many competitors have come and gone from the Seattle and Portland market places. Pacific Stereo was here in the mid-'80s and their brand was built around having the lowest price. Silo came to town with prices cheaper than Pacific

Video is Upwardly MobileBy Markkus RovitoAs the one-hit wonder said, "Video Killed the Radio Star" when MTV hit in the early '80s. Now, video is at it again, as the mobile video category is beating back radio and CD to become "the shining star of the mobile electronics industry," according to Mike Cofield, president of Custom Sounds in Austin, Texas. Just as DVD and DTV are doing in the home electronics industry, mobile video is growing rapidly in a year that's been otherwise soft for CE sales. "The growth of the category is explosive," said Dan Brettler, chairman and CEO of Car

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