Dan Hesse

Sprint Nextel CEO Dan Hesse confirmed that the company will sell the Motorola Photon Q and provided an update on its high-end smartphones.

The Motorola Photon Q is the 4G LTE-compatible successor to the original Motorola Photon. Hesse said the carrier will launch the phone later this year. The device, like some of its other environmentally friendly phones, is ULE-platinum-certified, and is designed to target business users.

Hesse made the comments on the company's quarterly conference call today.

CEO gives opinions on tiered data pricing Sprint CEO Dan Hesse suggests the carrier later in the fall will be ready to announce significant plans surrounding its 4G deployments, though the executive has yet to confirm rumors pointing to a LightSquared deal for an LTE network. Speaking to visitors at Sprint's headquarters in Kansas, Hesse also added to his commentary on the AT&T/T-Mobile merger, claiming that he feels a personal obligation to oppose the deal and push for competition in the marketplace. “I hope you like 4G,” Hesse said, referring to the merger, as quoted by BGR.

The rapid growth of the Android platform has been a good thing for many companies, and Sprint as much as any. The carrier has ridden the popularity of smartphones such as the Evo 4G and Epic 4G to add 644,000 new subscribers hot to get the phones. This month, the company unveiled the new Sprint ID feature, which is basically a pack of Android apps designed to customize Android phones to fit the customer. The ability for customers to use these Android phones as mobile hotspots allowed Sprint to take advantage of the hot iPad sales

Sprint Nextel Corp. has bet its future on offering speedy data services to mobile devices over a new high-speed, '4G' network and has joined with upstart Clearwire Corp. to build it.

But Clearwire has a problem: It needs billions of dollars to finish building its nationwide network. And now Sprint, which owns 54% of Clearwire, must decide whether to fund the project itself or turn to a competitor for help.

Sprint's board of directors is debating whether to let rival cellphone operator T-Mobile USA invest in Clearwire

Samsung and Sprint Thursday announced the upcoming release of the Reclaim, an ecologically friendly mobile phone made from 80 percent recyclable materials.

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