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Audiovox said this week that it has named Dan Murphy its new vice president of telematics solutions. A veteran of Sony and XM, Murphy will oversee the launch of location-based services programs, including the Car Connection product and Connected Lifestyle category.

October marks the 50th anniversary of the introduction of the first portable transistor radio, a milestone in personal audio which paved the way to many more handheld innovations. XM Radio's Dan Murphy, senior vice president, retail sales and distribution, believes his company is on the cusp of the next great milestone with XM2Go. the world's first portable satellite radio product. The first manufacturer to launch an XM2Go radio is Delphi, an established XM partner that has been successful with other satellite receivers like SkyFi and Roady. Delphi's product, the MyFi, is about the size of a Walkman cassette player. It includes a removable rechargeable

Manufacturer's Hope Is In New Technologies By David Dritsas Despite the growing market for consumer electronics overall, audio is still lagging as a category. But at this year's CES, new technologies and strengthening alliances showed they could help boost the market for the coming year. HD Radio At the forefront of this promise is HD Radio. Prior to the show, iBiquity Digital, the company behind digital radio technology, joined retailer Ultimate Electronics in launching the sale of the first consumer-ready model, a Kenwood HD Receiver for the car (model KTC-HR100 $399), at a store in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. And it looks like more

The state of the satellite radio industry By Brett Solomon Of all of the emerging technologies on the mobile electronics landscape, none has been more touted in 2003 than the mainstream roll-out of satellite radio. More and more aftermarket manufacturers are making units easier to sell by integrating satellite radio capabilities into lower-price-point head units and low-cost, self-contained FM-modulated units. They're also shrinking satellite radio antenna sizes. However, there are still several issues retailers and manufacturers alike need to face. For instance, will enough Americans pay to keep satellite radio afloat as a viable entertainment option in the years to come? What

With satellite radio, the Demo is crucial. By David Dritsas Satellite Radio is brand new technology service that needs a compelling presentation to convince the customer to buy. XM is working with retailers to make sure it has the floor space it needs. XM's first two lead markets launch Sept. 12 in Dallas/Fort Worth and San Diego. The company will its launch in mid-October to the entire Southwest with national sales effort to begin in November. "The majority of retailers will have a live feed in their stores," said Dan Murphy, vice president of retail marketing and distribution for XM. The first is

By Janet PInkerton Turning radio—currently a free, off-the-shelf experience—into a subscription-based product requires a huge amount of coordination. There are satellites to be deployed and tested, new satellite radio chipsets to be tested and mass produced, and then an entirely new business model to rolled out as well. Yet Sirius Satellite Radio and XM Satellite Radio both say they will roll out service, backed by hardware, mid-year with monthly service fees of $9.95. The mutual goal of these two competitors: offer consumers a new radio experience with wider selection of music, information, sports and entertainment channels, for the most part commercial-free. Sirius Set Sirius already has launched

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