Dan Schwab

D&H Distributing's co-presidents, Michael and Dan Schwab, recently made their annual visit to the company's warehouse in Harrisburg, Pa., in order to see the staff.

The co-presidents of D&H Distributing, Michael and Dan Schwab, made their annual visit to the company's Harrisburg warehouse last week, and this time met with customers and delivered orders themselves.

D&H Distributing's co-presidents, for the second year in a row, spent a morning working a morning shift in the company's warehouse in Harrisburg, Pa.

D&H Distributing of Harrisburg, Pa., recently added several new segments to its line card, including netbooks with GSM integration, LED HDTVs, automatic PC backup, free VoIP calling service and USB Direct camcorders.

D&H Distributing announced 6 percent growth during Q4 of its fiscal year 2009 (ending April 30, 2009).  The distributor saw increases of 54 percent in the notebooks/netbooks category, 41 percent in mobile devices, 23 percent in GPS navigation and 54 percent in HDTVs, with particularly strong growth in HDTVs under 30 inches.  Over the past year, D&H has added 1,500 new accounts every quarter.

D&H Distributing announced Monday that it has named Richard Hellar its new chief information officer. Hellar's job, the company said, will be to "maximize the company’s efficiency through technology and make it easier and faster for dealers and resellers to do business with D&H."

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