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Toshiba’s main message at CEDIA Expo was that it will deliver new products and technologies faster than in has in the past, a response to some dealer concerns that the company at times took too long between line shows and actual product shipment.

Several leading CE vendors used this week’s Digital Downtown consumer electronics showcase and conference, held at the World Financial Center until Saturday to unveil new products. Monster Cable’s Noel Lee, the company’s Head Monster, announced his company was going wireless - or at least branching out into the category. Coming in the fourth quarter is the Monster Wireless Digital Express HD system, a solution based on HD ultra wideband (UWB) technology and designed in partnership with chip maker Sigma Designs, a company that produces chips for many Blu-ray player models. The system will output 1080p video and other content over a home’s

Is fashion a bigger retail sales driver than picture performance? And what does ‘green’ mean to a sale, if anything? Those were just some of the topics debated during a lively panel at the Digital Downtown CE product show and conference, running through Saturday at the World Financial Center in lower Manhattan. “It’s the purple couch that sells the brown couch,” said Richard Glikes, executive director of the 63-member HTSA buying group, which is using luxury marketing as one of its most recent sales strategies. “We like high style as much as the next guy, but those kinds of flat panels are aspire-to

A. N.E.W.’s Martin Bloom and Danny Hourigan B. Sam Mizrahi of DigiPower C. Leo and James Dardashti of Atlantic, Inc. D. Hitachi’s Daniel Lee with some of the company’s new plasma TVs E. Tim Dorwart of Cerwin Vega F. Sharp’s Mike Troetti, Mark Crandell and Steve McNally at the HTSA reception G. Scott Herzog, Kevin Rupkey, Bruce Wolfson, Bruce Caldwell and Frank Trigo of Banker’s Warranty Group, surrounding HTSA's Richard Glikes H. Marty Goldberg of Lenmar I. Universal Remote Control’s Doug Cole J. Fred, Judy and Mike Klipsch K. Pat Lavelle and Tom Malone of Audiovox L. Monster’s Noel Lee with Jean-Pierre Van Tiel (DSG) and CompUSA President Roman Ross

Lifestyle buys and dropping prices are spurring a strong season for the appliance category By Mike Llewellyn It's been a solid summer for the appliance industry, according to research from the Association of Home Appliance Manufacturers. Increasing shipments to retailers are continuing an already strong year, with the only downer apparently a milder-than-usual summer cooling air conditioner sales. AHAM reports an 8.4-percent increase in June shipments in the core appliance category, which includes everything from the dishwasher to the washing machine. For the year, the category is up 8.7 percent, says the trade association. Depending on whom you ask, there are a variety of explanations for

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