Darren Guccione

Mobile accessories provider Callpod announced this week that several of its products are now available at Best Buy. They include the Chargepod 6-in-1 device charger, as well as Fueltank portable charger.

The CE industry's latest intellectual property lawsuit has a rare dimension- it's a manufacturer taking on a retailer.

President & CEO, Co-Founder, Callpod Age: 38 Education: M.S., Accountancy Kellstadt School of Business, DePaul University of Chicago; BS, Mechanical and Industrial Engineering, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign where he received the Morton Thiokol Excellence in Engineering Design Award. Greatest Business Achievements: Guccione, managing director of DSG, a Chicago-based accounting and wealth preservation firm, is the co-inventor of Callpod technology. He was former CFO and a primary shareholder of Apollo Solutions, which he and his partners sold to CNET Networks in 2000. Advice: “Always stay focused—that’s the number-one thing, and understand what your true motivation is. We have a motto at

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