Dave Rodgers

As the high-end home theater market shrinks, and takes the prices of projection screens down with it, Dave Rodgers finds his company in a unique position.

Elite Screens announced last week that it has debuted new materials for its screen products. The materials include a woven material called AcousticPro, the PVC-based CineWhite-Perforated, and the Wraith Veil, for rear projection screens. “We have received numerous requests for acoustically transparent materials to use with in-wall speakers so we developed both woven and perforated PVC tension variants that come close to mirroring one another with their performance,” the company’s marketing manager, Dave Rodgers, said in a statement. The AcousticPro material is available in the 72-to-150-inch range, while CineWhite-Perforated PVC is available in the 85-to-106-inch range. The Wraith Veil, meanwhile, is available

SolaraHome, the new home entertainment furniture division under Elite Screen, has released the new leather Elysium media room sofa, featuring fold-down armrests with hidden beverage holders and refreshment stands, power reclining side seats, central game system storage receptacle and ottoman with internal storage compartment. Offered in black and dark brown, its dimensions are 128” by 41” by 39”. The company also released the Elite Power series of leather motorized recliners, which measure 106” by 43” by 37”, include an aluminum cup holder and come in black and dark brown. Solara completes that relaxed entertainment experience with a new line of SolaraSound speakers, including the

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