David Berman

David Berman, the director of training and public relations for HTSA, will leave the organization next month to join Stereo East.

The Home Theater Specialists of America (HTSA) and Sharp announced this week that 23 individuals from 16 HTSA member organizations have been given their Solar Energy Certification

The Home Theater Specialists of America (HTSA) said Tuesday that its members are available for consultations on how customers can improve the energy efficiency of their homes

"Expand your prowess to meet the needs of the new [recession] market. Think infrastructure.  We don't think the luxury-based client will suspend enhancements to their homes, though they might reduce their indulgences, so to speak, on higher-end A/V products."

-David Berman, HTSA Director of Training and PR

Las Vegas is not a town known for its morning life. The only people up before 9 a.m. are the ones who never made it to bed the night before. But early one morning this summer, nearly a hundred coffee-fueled independent retailers made their way past vacant blackjack tables in the Venetian Resort and gathered in a conference room for a breakfast meeting of the Nationwide Marketing Group’s specialty electronics division (SEN). After a welcome from the buying group’s director, Jeanette Howe, the members heard pitch after pitch from vendors, all with a similar message: if you want to make money this holiday season,

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