David Dritsas

Pricing is a tricky issue for most retailers. No one wants to lose margins, but product discounts and sales are still one the best tried and true methods for getting people into the store. But this practice and other pricing strategies may be hindered by recent U.S. Supreme Court ruling that allows manufacturers to set minimum prices. The question that remains for consumer electronics retailers is: Is this really going to matter? The ruling was laid down on June 28 in review of “Leegin Creative Leather Products, In. v. PSKS, Inc., Kay’s Kloset, Kay’s shoes,” when the country’s highest court ruled five to four

After simmering in the background for the last few years as an accepted and mature technology, satellite radio is back in the news, and not only for the proposed merger between XM and Sirius. A recent judgment by a U.S. District Court could increase the heat in the courts and on the floor of Congress. Retailers should take note because the outcome could directly affect the products they sell. Last year, the music industry joined forces to launch a lawsuit against XM Satellite Radio. At the heart of the issue are the portable XM/Pioneer Inno and the XM+MP3 service. The technology allows users to record

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