David Guidry

From his mezzanine office, Concord Camera Store owner Michael St. Germain has a bird’s eye view of his sales floor. Last November, it was hopping. Customers were checking out a wide selection of the latest sub-$1,000 digital SLR’s and the ever more affordable point-and-shoots, pleased to be getting a lot more camera for their money than the year before. St. Germain’s staff had good offers for customers that day, showing an 8 megapixel Kodak 875 for $199. The year before, he said, a comparable camera would have sold for about $700. Surveying the busy registers from his desk chair, St. Germain could cross off

Sometimes the worst thing that can possibly happen happens...and you’re left with the reality that even so, something has to happen next. Retailers all around New Orleans have spent the last year facing that scenario. Some stayed shuttered, took the insurance money, and moved North. Others engaged in a battle with vicious mold spores and re-opened for business. David Guidry, owner of Lakeside Camera Photoworks is in category two. After watching one of his two New Orleans-area stores be destroyed by Katrina’s category five fallout, he re-imagined his photo specialty business and rebuilt. “Without getting all romantic, when you own buildings and

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