David Pogue

Marissa Mayer took the stage at the Tuesday not to revisit the last year spent at Yahoo, but to look at the future. Joined by the likes of Katie Couric, David Pogue, David...

Whats an ultrabook?

Its an absolutely gorgeous, sleek wedge of a laptop, clad in shining brushed metal. Theres no DVD drive. The battery is sealed and nonremovable. The keys protrude through individual square holes in the laptops deck. The multitouch trackpad is buttonless you get different clicks by pressing different spots. You generally need a separate adapter dongle if you want to connect to Ethernet or a VGA projector.

And theres no hard drive. Instead, you get a solid-state drive (SSD), which is like a giant

Apple will release its third iPad on Friday, and the reviews are in: mostly positive, with a general consensus that the new device is the best tablet available.

You no longer have to rely on the likes of me to decide if Microsoft's Windows Phone 7 is any good--you can buy a WP7 device yourself and make up your own mind. But is anybody doing that? It's hard to say. The usual anecdotal indications of consumer interest--Google search traffic and Twitter's list of trending topics, for instance--don't show this overdue replacement for Microsoft's failed Windows Mobile platform burning up the wires. More people appear to be interested in a beta Web browser you can't even download without requesting an invitation.

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