Room to move is a priceless commodity in the high-end A/V business, and with truly remarkable growth prospects facing them, retailers look poised to reap major rewards in the near future. Industry players have several inroads to greater and more diversified success: the ability to offer continuously improved technology to new customers; the chance to retain those new customers with better services; and, of course, the opportunity to branch out into unchartered territory. For many A/V retailers, that "next step" is custom installation. It's a natural progression: There's isn't a huge leap required in expanding the sale of high-end equipment to the installation of

The Mobile Electronics Retailers Association (MERA) tapped noted installer David "Fishman" Rivera to provide fabrication training for installers at each of MERA's Mobile Education Tour events. Two events occured in Hartford, Conn, and in Lisle/Naperville, Ill. last month. The next and final event is scheduled for Oct. 28th in Orlando, Fla. For more information, call MERA at (800) 949-6372. The Custom Electronic Design and Installation Association (CEDIA) elected its executive committee for 2001-2002: CEDIA President Jeff Hoover of Audio Advisors; Vice President Ray Lepper of Home Media Stores; Treasurer Mitchell Klein of Media Systems; Secretary Andy Willcox of Pro Line Integrated Systems; and

We had a consumer technology moment in the Dealerscope office yesterday. Working on a review for Dealerscope's sister consumer magazine, E-Gear, Senior Editor David Dritsas hooked up Philips' Worldwide Internet Radio FW-i1000 to the corporate shared T1 line. Through it, David could dial in Korean pop, traditional Chinese music, Latin American reggae and amazingly beautiful music from Africa. Everyone was out of their seats, crammed into the FW-i1000's cubicle, marveling at how the Philips' mini-system had opened up a literal world of music. David was still learning the FW-i1000's interface, some Internet radio stations sounded a tad flat, and we all

This industry has got a big PR problem. No, I'm not bad-mouthing the many fine public relations folks out there with whom I communicate every day. I'm talking about the public perception of the technologies our businesses thrive on, in this case, HDTV. You may have read the remarkably inaccurate article about HDTV in the Wall Street Journal in early August, in which the writer claimed, among other things, that HDTV was equivalent in quality to DVD, that manufacturers weren't pushing HDTVs and that very few people were buying them anyway. You and I know that none of those assertions are true. However, we're

Dealerscope profiles the top 10 retail demographic market areas, reporting on 2000 retail entrances and exits, regional economic highlights and outlooks for 2001. 1. New York Entrances and Exits: Due to the enormous success of its Bang & Olufsen showroom opened in 1999 in lower Manhattan, Harvey Electronics opened its second Bang & Olufsen showroom in the NYC metropolitan area in Greenwich, Conn., last October. The showroom is a few blocks from the Greenwich Harvey Electronics. J&R Music World expanded with the opening of its new retail computer store in its Park Row outpost in Manhattan. Wolf Camera opened two "Vision"

From the Publisher's Desk I'm honored to assume the publisher's position for Dealerscope, whose life spans 80 years, as well as for E-Gear, the consumer voice of the industry. Twenty years ago as a kid out of college, I took my first job in consumer electronics publishing. I fell in love with this industry and have been grateful for the knowledge and relationships I was lucky enough to develop. Two years ago, I entered the professional electronics market, where I've been…until now. The rich professional market I've been so involved in for the last few years has brought me back. I'm here because

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