Dean Summers

Given the pressures facing both manufacturers and retailers in today’s CE environment, the search is on for solutions that maximize sales and strengthen margins, without taking on significant expense or overhead. The future of these revenue enhancements will be services, although they may not resemble the services that today’s customers are routinely offered.

Dean Summers is CEO and founder of CE Interactive, a software company that has developed a platform for helping retailers and manufacturers to better aid customers who are discouraged by the complexity of consumer electronics. DS: What’s the biggest hurdle to consumer satisfaction in the consumer electronics industry today? Summers: I’d have to say that the biggest hurdle is simplicity. In other words, figuring out how to simplify a customer’s consumer electronics experience, everything from choosing the right product to setting it up to operating that product to keeping it simple when they need some help. DS: Does the complexity of consumer electronics affect

Partsearch pitches the reach of its parts and accessories database to service centers and OEMs By Janet Pinkerton Partsearch Technologies spent 2002 wooing retailers to its master parts catalog of manufacturer replacement parts and accessories for in-house and consumer needs. For 2003, Partsearch Founder and President Dean Summers said, "We're focused on rolling out our service center solutions and OEM solutions." The Partsearch service center solution ties service manual information, such as illustrated parts look-ups, schematics and exploded views, to Partsearch's master parts catalog, and presents the data in an inter-active environment. J&R Music and Computer World ( is the latest retailer

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