Dennis P. Barker

I am proud to present Dealerscope's 79th annual Statistical Survey & Report on Consumer Electronics, beginning on page 14 and conducted once again by researcher Dennis P. Barker. On pages 24 to 32 you will find profiles of the 2001 Dealerscope Pride Awards winners: Best Buy Co., Gerhard's, Myer-Emco and Worldwide Stereo. Each company presents a fantastic case study on differentiation amid a sea of change. I am grateful they allowed us to honor them with the Dealerscope Pride Award. Speaking of change, next month, Dealerscope will look different, read different, even feel different. The latest incarnation of the Old Dealerscope was a

By Dennis Barker Dealerscope is proud to present Part II of its 78th annual Statistical Survey and Report. This report tracks consumer electronics sales through year-end 1999. As we have done for the past several years, we have added brand share estimates to our distribution channel share numbers to help track not just where products are selling, but whose product is selling. The Consumer Electronics Association (CEA, formerly CEMA) of the Electronic Industries Association (EIA) provided data for the five-year chart, at right, covering both units shipped and dollar value ($) sales. The Satellite Broadcasting & Communications Association (SBCA) and its MediaBiz market research

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