Diana Oreck

The cover story for this issue of Dealerscope takes a depature. Instead of profiling a CE retailer or other CE specific topic, our senior editor, Audrey Gray, visited the Ritz Carlton Company’s Leadership Center to find out why so many CEOs—including those of major retailers—were spending thousands of dollars to attend a week-long program on high-end service. Even more compelling than the service angle was how the Ritz-Carlton takes major strides to keep its own employees happy. Why? Because when you get down to it, hotel employees have some of the most thankless jobs on the planet. To paraphrase Diana Oreck, vice president of the

It is possible, providing you have an extra 35 grand, to book an overnight package called “You Can’t Buy Me Love … But You Can Try!” at the Ritz-Carlton Battery Park, which includes a private chef, rivers of Champagne, a helicopter ride around Manhattan, a “bath butler” to prepare a jacuzzi-for-two, pillowcases monogrammed with your initials, and, as if you needed a nightcap at that point, a customized fireworks show right over the Statue of Liberty easily viewed from the bay window of your penthouse suite. “We don’t sell that package every night,” says Kevin Schiesz with a conspiratorial smile and a glance upward towards

“You tend to find ‘ah-ha’ moments in business when you look at other types of companies, step away from your environment, and open your mind...at the Ritz-Carlton, we’ve learned that it’s all about emotions, really, the connections you’re making with your customer. At the end of the day, people want to be love and be loved. I wish it wasn’t so warm and fuzzy, but it is. We take care of emotional needs, and happy people spend more money.” -Diana Oreck, Vice President Ritz-Carlton Leadership Center

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