SIRIUS Satellite Radio announced that it has surpassed its year-end target of one million-subscribers. The company indicated that sales of its portable "Plug & Play" products, especially the SIRIUS Sportster, were contributing to the strong numbers. "We predicted that we would reach one million subscribers by year-end and we did it," says Mel Karmazin, SIRIUS CEO. "It's now clear that consumers are increasingly recognizing the appeal of our programming, including commercial-free music, plus news, weather, traffic, entertainment and the best sports offering in satellite radio." recently named SIRIUS as having the best overall programming in satellite radio. "This recognition from,

Rob Elliott's Common Sense Approach to Mobile Electronics By Grant Clauser Were Rob Elliott to have faced Donald Trump on The Apprentice, he probably would have been cut early in the game. That would have been Trump's loss though, for what Elliott admittedly lacks in conventional business skills, he more than makes up for in passion for the job and a commitment to the customer. What started as a part-time hobby during high school has turned into an award winning and continually growing business in Prospect Park, Penn. He likes to say he started with nothing. While it's true he started the company with

Trends in Mobile Performance Gear By Natalie Hope McDonald If looks could kill, then the latest in mobile performance gear would serve consecutive life sentences. While audio has secured a holy place in the trunks and backseats of mobile enthusiasts, style is experiencing similar signs of life. And while many of these aesthetic features may not enhance performance in quite the same way that a subwoofer does, customers are looking to the details to complete the total mobile experience, from the inside of a car or truck to out. Accessories, ranging anywhere from $30 to $300, not only enhance the driver's designs, but also create profitable add-ons

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