Donald Trump

Internet giants Google and Microsoft have officially given their web-based energy management tools the Donald Trump (as in You’re Fired!), and last week announced that they would be closing them down in the near future. I’ve already dug into a few reasons why I think both Google’s PowerMeter tool, and Microsoft’s Hohm app, didn’t make the cut. But there are still over a dozen tools out there that are trying to tackle this difficult market, from direct-to-consumer gadgets, to more high-end services that are bundled with security, broadband, and solar systems.

CEA said this week that Bill Rancic, who won the first season of NBC's "The Apprentice" and subsequently worked for Donald Trump, will appear at the CEA Industry Forum this fall.

Rob Elliott's Common Sense Approach to Mobile Electronics By Grant Clauser Were Rob Elliott to have faced Donald Trump on The Apprentice, he probably would have been cut early in the game. That would have been Trump's loss though, for what Elliott admittedly lacks in conventional business skills, he more than makes up for in passion for the job and a commitment to the customer. What started as a part-time hobby during high school has turned into an award winning and continually growing business in Prospect Park, Penn. He likes to say he started with nothing. While it's true he started the company with

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