Donna Dubinsky

The brain drain at Hewlett-Packard’s Palm unit continues with another departure. This one is particularly high profile, though it seems to have gone unnoticed.

Joe Hayashi, VP of product management for webOS, left the company in March for the VP of marketing gig at Numenta, a machine learning start-up led by Palm founder Jeff Hawkins and former Palm CEO Donna Dubinsky.

Hayashi’s exit comes at an inopportune time for Palm, which is gearing up to launch its new tablet, the TouchPad

By David Dritsas Milpitas, CA, June 4th, 2003 — Palm Computing announced today that it has reached an agreement to acquire Handspring, the company made famous for making Palm OS-enabled smart-phones and other Palm OS PDAs. The company also announced the creation of two spin-offs: Palm Source, responsible for developing, promoting and licensing the Palm OS, and the Palm Solutions Group, responsible for hardware. Though the companies have very similar products, Palm is seeking to strengthen its competitive edge by bolstering its distribution channels and taking on Handspring's successful line of Treo Communicators, the Palm OS-enabled smart phones, that became Handspring's bailiwick as

By David Dritsas Last week Handspring, makers of the Visor line of Palm OS-based PDAs, announced a PDA trade-in program for PDA users to upgrade to the Visor Edge, its latest, slim-style PDA. Meanwhile the company announced a conservative forecast for its fiscal fourth quarter. As of June 8th, Handspring began offering a trade-in program just about any user of PDA's including Palms, Pocket PCs and others. The program allows owners of PDAs to purchase a Visor Edge with a $100 credit. Additionally current Visor users can receive $100 off the purchase of a Visor Edge by supplying the company with a proof of purchase. Currently

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