Doug Pircher

Editor in chief of Dealerscope

To kick off our annual distribution package, we surveyed some of the industry’s leading executives to find out the most important initiatives they‘ve implemented to help dealers drive more sales and gain more profit during these tough times. Don’t forget to check out our full distribution coverage each day at and in the magazine’s Pipeline and The Source sections. Let’s hear from the executives:

Here are some outtakes from our annual distribution report coming out in the April's Dealerscope. We asked some of the industry's leading distributors to tell us what their main initiatives are in 2009 to help their retailers and dealers generate more sales, profits and operational efficiencies. Make sure to check out the rest in April's issue.

Advice for retailers in a down economy from Doug Pircher, General Manager of International Supplies. Shot live at the Spotlight on Imaging event at 2009 International CES.

Like most professional photographers today, Mark Bute is scrambling for jobs. The wedding and portrait specialist from Lancaster, Pa., is seeing his business shrink at an alarming rate, not only because people are asking their friends with DSLRs to do the shooting, but because even willing clients are scared to drop cash during a recession.

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