Americans buy two billion dollars of cases and bags for their consumer electronics products every year, according to CEA. A few years ago, most of those bags looked all the same: black or gray and utilitarian, the kind of products you’d see in the back of aisle four at business supply stores. In 2006, however, CE bags have become a fashion accessory, and if Kat Terrell has her way, they’ll soon be haute couture. Terrell is a “custom sewer” at Crumpler, an Australian-based bag manufacturer that recently opened two direct market retail stores in lower Manhattan. Though Terrell spends much of her day

DuPont, the company behind several successful consumer brands including Teflon, Lycra, Stainmaster and Corian, has launched a new brand, Olight, to describe its new display product, the organic light emoting diode. OLED displays are being developed by several technology companies, including Kodak, Pioneer and Sanyo. DuPont, which hold many patents in OLED technology announced that it will be entering the display market, initially with a small (370 mm by 470 mm) monochrome passive matrix panel featuring a 128x64 pixel resolution, which will be implemented in a consumer electronics product later this quarter. While the company would not reveal exactly what product or manufacturer would

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