Ed Kasza

The South Side of Chicago has a bit of a hard-knock reputation, a place where working-class folks feel no need to mess around with pomp or show. But that doesn’t mean South-siders like home-electronics salesman Ed Kasza don’t take deep, if quiet, pride in what they’ve got.

 For all his self-deprecating humor and understated, workmanlike charm, Ed Kasza is, quantifiably, one hell of a salesman. In fact, just this past January, he was honored by Monster Cable as the nation's "Most Monsterous Retail Salesperson" of 2008.  The man can move product, an even more amazing accomplishment when you consider that his market, though spanning a fairly wide footprint, is not especially affluent.  

"If a guy comes in to by a $50 DVD player, Ed treats him the same as the guy who's spending $500 thousand with us," said Wexler. "I think that's what keeps people coming back over and over and over.  He fights for them.  Frankly, sometimes he fights too much for them, heh. But he's their advocate and they know it."

Diana Ross wasn’t the only star at Monster Cables’ annual Retail Awards ceremony at this year’s CES. Dozens of the industry’s top retailers also shared the spotlight as Head Monster Noel Lee honored them for exceptional sales of Monster products during these difficult times.

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