Enno Vandermeer

Age: 38

Career History: Passionate for music and computers, Vandermeer has been an engineer and producer for recording studios; started his own record label as well as a Web development/Internet marketing firm. In 2004, in what he calls a “dream come true,” he and colleagues formed Sooloos, which manufactures a media server with a graphic user interface for storing and easily navigating music and digital media. Sooloos was recently acquired by Meridian Audio Ltd.

Sooloos LLC announced Monday that it has named Peter Wellikoff as its new chief operating officer. An industry veteran of nearly four decades, Wellikoff was most recently president and CEO of the B&W Group for a 12-year stretch that ended when he retired in December. Wellikoff had joined Sooloos’ board of directors earlier this year. “As a board member, Peter has leveraged his many years of experience in the CE industry to provide our management team with a wealth of new industry knowledge and information,” the company’s CEO, Enno Vandermeer, said as part of the announcement. “Given the enormous growth we anticipate

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