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During the keynote at CEDIA Expo, Nest Labs, Inc. announced Control4 is the company's first development parter. The two have partnered to release their web application programming interface for the Nest thermostat. Control4 will function as the operating system of the connected home.

The phrase "content is king" should be retired. Not because it is trite and hackneyed, but it is inaccurate. It no longer characterizes the media ecosystem properly. Presumably, kings have limits to their power. "Content is omnipotent" now is a more appropriate description.

Be it Apple or Twitter, as exquisite and beloved as their offerings may be, neither reaches their current status without TV shows and Web sites and user-generated stuff. The distribution mechanism simply is in the back seat, a plush one in a Bentley for some, but still not the driver.

Samsung Electronics America heralded its 2012 fifth-generation Smart TV LED and plasma lineups today at a New York-held line showing as offering consumers the first truly “future-proof” TVs.

DEG: The Digital Entertainment Group has added Eric Anderson, VP of content strategies for Samsung Electronics, to its board of directors, serving from Aug. 1 to July 31, 2012. The DEG board also recently added a sixth seat to its steering committee, electing as VP Leslie Cohen, SVP of new products and services for Sony Music Entertainment. She joins president Ron Sanders, VPs David Bishop and Craig Kornblau, secretary Mike Dunn and CFO Eisuke Tsuyuzaki.

By Jamie Latshaw Cologne, Germany--Domotechnica exhibitors drew attention with prototype appliances sporting bold colors, innovative features or unconventional shapes. Although usually standard in European size (60 cm), products were not always so standard--judging from an American's perspective--in style. "I think there's an unrealized demand [in the States] for this kind of stuff," Eric Anderson, Amana's director of international home appliance products, said. Asko President Steve Piro said appliance manufacturers are increasing their use of color in the U.S., although not as dramatically as the presentation at Domotechnica. Conceptual Pieces The Magic Mirror top-mount refrigerator from Daewoo drew a lot of attention. With the press of a button, its panels

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