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At an exciting show like CES, with technology spilling out of every corner, it can be hard to create excitement with a booth whose main product is made of paper, namely magazines. Sure, located in the Central Hall lobby of the Las Vegas Convention Center, it’s a great place for our meetings and signing up subscribers, but that’s about it. This year, all of that changes. At the Consumer Technology Publishing Group booth we’re going to be doing something a little different to reflect the digital multimedia nature of our industry—we’re producing our own Web show. When you stop by the booth you’ll notice

This is a season which should be filled with hope, cheer and family. We should be focused on spending quality, well-earned time with people close to us as well as serving our customers as best we can to ensure that they’ll be happy and we’ll be able to continue with the good lives this industry affords us. Unfortunately, this season was just rudely interrupted by the loss of one person dear to us in many ways. Bruce Jacobs, publisher of Custom Retailer and E-Gear magazines and valuable member of the Consumer Technology Publishing Group family, passed away last month. Bruce, first, was a friend

November may not be the longest month on the calendar, but it can certainly feel like it. This is the month that kicks off the most important season for the CE industry—holiday shopping time. And the most important date, for many, comes on November 24th this year. Black Friday is always marked by a certain amount of mania from both consumers—who believe that the best deals will only be available from 6-to-6:30 a.m.—and from dealers—who believe they have only one shot at capturing the consumers’ attention. That last statement may actually hold some truth, because the consumer who walks into Target (or Sears, or

CEDIA has rolled around again, and in addition to the change in climate this year, we’re seeing a change in emphasis. For many years, CEDIA was the place to see the latest and best in home theater and high-end audio solutions. It still is, of course, but another significant part of the business is taking a larger part of the thunder these days, and that’s IP technologies and home automation (in some cases both in the same product). As our feature story on IP in A/V in this issue points out, Internet communication is quickly becoming an accepted conduit for sending A/V data and

There’s a new buzzword going around in our industry: ecosystem, as in the digital ecosystem. I just returned from the Photo Marketing Association’s annual trade show (PMA) in Orlando, Fla., and everyone was talking about the digital photo ecosystem. If an organic ecosystem is the collection of living things and their interaction within an environment, then the digital ecosystem is the functionality and interaction of digital products (consumer electronics) within an environment, such as a household. This is really just another neat way of talking about convergence, but it makes a lot of sense to me. In nature, an ecosystem can thrive and grow,

By Eric Schwartz The numbers are in and it looks like it has been a successful holiday season for consumer electronics retailers. It was been a pretty good time for the Consumer Technology Publishing Group as well. Not only did we produce one of the largest issues of Dealerscope ever, but we also launched our latest magazine, Home Furnishings Business (HFB). Like Dealerscope, HFB is a business and strategy magazine for furniture retailers and their industry. Our publishing team and editors worked hard to get this magazine out in January and I'm proud to say it was a very successful first issue, one that has already

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