Erik Caplan

The two questions most frequently asked of appliance repair experts are "How much is a new machine?" and "How long should my [insert appliance name here] last?" Naturally, the idea all major appliances must someday expire and become landfill fodder helps fuel the industry with new sales, but an important selling point for most purchases in this product category revolves around dependability and product life-span. With this in mind, take a look at some basic major appliance facts from the Association of Home Appliance Manufacturers (AHAM): The average length of appliance ownership varies from a low of 6.8 years for garbage disposals

Most consumers know what to expect when they go store-hopping on a quest for a new appliance—row upon row of large white, chrome and obsidian boxes gleaming like some sort of post-modern Stonehenge under the relentless glow of fluorescent lighting. While this is a time-honored method for displaying large items like dishwashers, stoves and washing machines, it doesn't exactly replicate the products' intended final destination—the consumers' home. In fact, some shoppers are overwhelmed by the prospect of choosing their next major purchase in this kind of environment. However, other consumers are diametric opposites, preferring to see a wide variety of products in one location

Patrick Cory knows a thing or two about making connections. And he ought to—he's vice president of corporate development at New Jersey-based Cory Home Delivery Service, a company celebrating its 70th year in the home delivery business. As the oldest specialized delivery service in the states, Cory sees a natural connection between successful retailers and quality home delivery services. "The most important thing retailers, especially small retailers, need to understand about home delivery is that a commitment to logistics is as important to their business as their store and displays," he says. "As retailers, they probably got started in business because they were

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