Evel Knievel

311 Lexington Avenue, a retail space about the size of a modest dry cleaning operation in New York City, used to be a Sprint store. Today it's a place where people drop off their old cell phones...as well as their first digital cameras, outmoded flatpanels, laptops, PDAs and two-year-old iPods. Not a recycling organization or a charity, the 300-square-foot shop has been reincarnated as a franchise called iSold It, a service that helps customers sell consumer electronics (as well as musical instruments, Hummel figurines, and aborted-engagement rings among other items) on eBay. “You’d be amazed at how much you can get for a used

Joe Arlia will be moving consumer electronics in two New York locations today, one in Brooklyn, the other on a swank block on the upper East Side of Manhattan...but Joe doesn’t have any cash or, for that matter, inventory. In the fluid world of his iSold It franchises, the goods come and go so fast, there’s no time for merchandising or a catch display. iSold It is a national chain of what’s known as “drop off stores,” retail spaces where customers (either everyday people or business owners) can bring in used or unwanted stuff, from old digicams to aborted-engagement rings, and have it listed

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