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233MHz Toshiba Satellite Notebooks at $1,999 An Intel 233MHz Pentium CPU with MMX powers Toshiba's new Satellite 325 notebook, retailing at $1,999. It's outfitted with a 12.1ý DSTN screen, 4.1GB hard drive, 32MB EDO RAM, lithium ion battery and 20x CD-ROM drive. A Xircom K56flex PC card modem, upgradeable to V.90, comes standard. The Microsoft-laden software bundle also features Symantec Norton AntiVirus Scanner and access to Disney's Daily Blast on-line games and entertainment services. Call (888) 598-7802. Fujitsu PC Adds Zip to LifeBook Notebooks Fujitsu PC will use PC Expo to show its new LifeBook 200 Series, targeting the consumer, SOHO and higher education markets. There are

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