Fernando Silva

IBM’s recent Summit for Consumer Electronics Emerging Technologies proved product innovation is the main driver of sales growth and profitability. To hammer home the point, George Bailey, IBM’s general manager of Global Electronics Industry, reminded the audience of CE executives that, perhaps more than any other industry, consumer electronics relies on continuous innovation, and to be successful CE companies must focus on delivering integrated solutions, not just innovative products. The strategy is not lost on Best Buy. Fernando Silva, Best Buy’s director of Private Label Product Lines, delivered a keynote address that left no doubt that we live in a consumer-centric world, in which collaboration from

You can tell something’s taking hold in the retail channel when, without actually looking, it hits you from all sides and from a variety of sources. The overall message became clear while I was editing the stories for this month’s issue: To survive in this tough environment, in which competition increases as fast as margins fall, retailers of all stripes must take the initiative to recommend full solutions to their customers and clearly explain the services they offer to optimize, maintain and upgrade those solutions. Ignore the full solution—the combination of hardware, software and services—and you’re leaving dollars on the floor. This isn’t new. What

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