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Warranty/ESP companies tweak high-tech, high-touch solutions to deliver a quality service repair experience. By Janet Pinkerton A consumer with a product repair request is a ticking time bomb. Handle the repair well, and the experience can cement the consumer's brand loyalty to both manufacturer and retailer—not to mention raise the perceived value of a service contract or warranty. Fumble the repair service experience, and the consumer is likely to explode, incinerating brand loyalty and future business for all parties involved.Dealerscope polled OEM warranty and extended service plan (ESP) administrators on common consumer complaints with the service repair experience and asked the companies what

2002 could be described as the year of the roller coaster. Predictions of an improving economy early in the year proved faulty as markets declined; companies continued to cut back on jobs; and consumer confidence plummeted to serious lows. Meanwhile, new developments in HDTV digital copyright protection have delighted some and frustrated others, leaving the consumer to make sense of complicated issues. The stress on Americans due to world political machinations and domestic corporate scandals hasn't helped much either. Still, retail did see a jump in numbers mid-fall, which could give hope for a promising holiday season. Dealerscope asked the industry some of the

Eight Decades of Advertising and Merchandising Consumer Electronics By Joe Paone and Collin Keefe You could say consumer electronics and appliance advertising and merchandising has been all about windows these last 80 years. Store windows stand as the ultimate synthesis of advertising and merchandising, attracting customers into the store and delivering marketing messages (advertising) while promoting and displaying products on the retail premises (merchandising). The windows of the 1940s were those of the family-owned independent dealers, stalwarts of Main Street, anchors in the commercial districts of downtown U.S.A. The windows of the late 1950s began to look more global, as Japanese manufacturers entered the

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